Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chilling Classics #4/50 - Snowbeast (1977)

director: Herb Wallerstein
starring: Bo Svensen, Yvette Mimieux, Robert Logan

Made-for-TV. Words to strike fear into your heart. And it will be the only fear this snoozer generates. It even has those built in fade-to-black for commercial moments, usually after a decidedly un-cliffhangy scene ends. Bloated to maximum length to allow for more commercial spots, heavy on boring character development and light on snowbeasts, this one should help you fall asleep, no matter how stressful your day has been. Over-the-counter insomnia aids are wasting a golden opportunity by not releasing this on DVD. Sominex presents: Snowbeast. Warning: do not view this movie while operating heavy machinery.

To be completely fair, the Snowbeast costume doesn't look too terribly bad, what little we actually see of it. There are a couple furry paw shots here and there, and a fleeting glimpse of the monster's face at the pulse-lowering climax. Even after the beast has been killed, we never see it. Only a trail of blood and ruffled snow as the actors peer woefully over the ski slope, watching their careers tumble down.

About the only enjoyment you can derive from this is matching up each character and plot point with its correlating element from Jaws.

This clip makes Snowbeast look way better than it is.

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