Saturday, March 22, 2008

Exploring "Chilling Classics"

For my birthday I treated myself to this fine collection of 50 awful movies from Mill Creek Entertainment, available for less than $20. I plan to share with you this masochistic journey into this 12 disc set, hopefully with some mini- reviews and screenshots for each film. Some of them will undoubtedly turn into full reviews at some point.

Here is a listing of all the films included in the set. Feel free to contact me if you feel strongly about any of them.

Death Rage -1978 Yul Brynner
Panic -1976 David Warbeck
Memorial Valley Massacre -1988 Cameron Mitchell
Messiah of Evil -1973 Michael Greer
Medusa -1973 George Hamilton
The Blancheville Monster -1963 Gerard Tichy
Deadtime Stories -1987 Scott Valentine
Cathy's Curse -1977 Alan Scarfe
Scream Bloody Murder -1973 Fred Holbert
The Alpha Incident -1978 Ralph Meeker
The Bell from Hell -1973 Viveca Lindfors
The Demons of Ludlow -1983 Paul Von Hausen
Metamorphosis -1990 Gene LeBrock
The Cold - Carol Perry
Naked Massacre -1976 Mathieu Carriere
Hands of a Stranger -1962 Paul Lukather
Haunts -1977 May Britt
Gothic -1986 Julian Sands
Christmas Evil -1980 Brandon Maggart
Man in the Attic -1953 Jack Palance
Driller Killer -1979 Abel Ferrara
The Demon -1979 Cameron Mitchell
Horror Express -1973 Christopher Lee
Crypt of the Living Dead -1973 Andrew Prine
The Snake People -1971 Boris Karloff
Track of the Moon Beast -1976 Chase Cordell
Sisters of Death -1977 Arthur Franz
The Ghost -1963 Barbara Steele
War of the Robots -1978 Antonio Sabato
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter -1966 John Lupton
Oasis of The Zombies -1983 Manuel Gelin
Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon -1972 Claudio Brook
The Witch's Mountain -1972 Patty Shepard
The Bloody Brood -1959 Peter Falk
Deep Red -1975 David Hennings
House of the Dead -1978John Ericson
Revenge of Doctor X -1970 James Craig-written by Edward D. Wood Jr.
Slashed Dreams -1975 Peter Hooten
Bad Taste-1987 Peter Jackson
A Bucket of Blood -1959 Dick Miller
Virus -1980 Glenn Ford
Horrors of Spider Island -1960 Harald Maresch
The Milpitas Monster -1975 Douglas Hagdohl
The Legend Of Big Foot -1979 Stafford Morgan
Funereal Home -1980 Kate Hawtrey
The Devil's Hand -1962 Robert Alda
Lady Frankenstein -1971 Joseph Cotten
I Bury the Living -1958 Richard Boone
Silent Night, Bloody Night -1974 Patrick O'Neal
Drive-In Massacre -1976 Jake Barnes

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