Friday, March 07, 2008

Nightmare City (1980)

The review for Nightmare City is being posted as we speak. In addition I have some other news to report:

1. Vimeo. I have discovered another site to host my videos which allows me to post them with decent quality, and without having to abide by the ten minute restriction. In addition, my original DIVX files can be downloaded and saved for your future entertainment. These files will play with Windows Media or whatever you normally use. You can reach my profile here
I will still be posting videos to You Tube as normal, as they will get much more traffic.

2. I noticed that Voodoo Black Exorcist was for some reason encoded in 4:3 ratio, rather than 16:9, giving it an odd 'squished' appearance. This has been corrected, and a nicer looking version has been uploaded to Vimeo.


Ross Williams said...

While writing my review for Nightmare City, I found your YouTube posts. Very nicely done, great dissections of this classic B-film; I had to link to them in my review. I look forward to more films and dig the blog too!

Ross Williams said...

Cool... thanks for the explanation about the use of the multi-national actors. I always noticed in these Italian Horror films, that for some actors the dub matches perfectly and for others it is never close, and didn't realize quite what was going on.

On the Nightmare City DVD, Umberto talks about being forced by the producers to hire Hugo Stiglitz, a Mexican actor, as the lead; he has no problem in professing his disdain for his poor acting skills.